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​Original picture collection

Artist of Month  - September


Artist of Month Part 4
​"Takamine Nadare"

2023 9Monday 18th

Newly drawn new work announced
Limited orders for original reproductions, etc.

​This is an online-only event.


​Fusion of sophisticated functional design and beautiful girl

Nadare Takamine's works are a perfect fusion of sophisticated design functionality and the natural beauty of women.

What is noteworthy is the realism and texture of the characters. The delicate shading and texture expression give every part, including the skin and clothes, a lively presence. This realism will give you the feeling of stepping inside the work.

Created with unique design sense and technology, the style skillfully combines beautiful girl characters and futuristic elements, making it visually interesting and appealing. The passion and creativity felt through the beautiful girls are strongly reflected in Nadale's works, which directly reflect the characters' individuality and storytelling, captivating the viewer.

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Completely new work
An entirely original, newly created illustration

Story created by Nadare Takamine

Q: “How do you create your work?”
 Whether it's commercial or independent production, we have a clear goal of ``what kind of thing we are aiming for'' and work toward that goal.
I feel that if you have a sense of direction towards your goal, you will be able to finish it faster and it will be more likely to turn out to be a good product.

Q: “What is your source of inspiration?”
 Attractive things found in everyday life. In my case, I especially like three-dimensional objects, games, and movies. I analyze and stock what parts moved me.

Q: “What do you want to convey through your illustrations?”
 My passion is to draw characters and their designs in an appealing way.

 Just like the many things that have moved me, I may want to convey the charm I felt to others through my creations and move their feelings.

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A beautiful reproduction of the original painting
Enjoy your work

A completely new work by Nadare Takamine

We welcome you with a reproduction of the original painting with a handwritten signature.

Limited quantity orders start on September 18, 2023

Let's welcome the completely original work from Master Onineko in the form of a hand-signed art reproduction.Limited quantity orders begin in early June​13th 2023.


original giclee reproduction

The INTENSE series is the world's only giclee reproduction original painting whose quality has been certified by ILFORD in the UK. It is characterized by faithful color reproduction and overwhelming color development.

aurora art

A one-of-a-kind piece of art with holographic processing applied to the background and eyes of the illustration.


​A beautiful, shining work of art with a high-brightness LED panel, a lightweight yet elegant frame, and high-definition printing on high-quality fabric Corton.

​Silver halide art

This original reproduction reproduces 16.7 million colors, which is 16 times higher than human color vision.


past works


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Quality certified by a third party
​The world's only original giclee reproduction


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