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embroidery art


Touchable digital art

A fusion of digital and physical. This is the ultimate experience of experiencing the skills of a master craftsman.

We chose the technique of embroidery to express the "delicacy" of digital art in physical art. During the initial manufacturing process of embroidery art, the director of DNP Dai Nippon Printing carefully analyzes each illustrator's worldview and style. The embroidery area, color, thread, and base fabric are carefully designed. The embroidery is done by craftsmen in Takamatsu City based on input data completely reproduced in RGB color space. There is no top cover when framed so that you can touch and enjoy the texture.Digital art overturns the common sense that it is something to be enjoyed by looking at it.

The manufacturing cost of embroidery art through these special manufacturing processesis not the size of the board, but ``Hand movementdetermined by the quantity.


Fully compatible with RGB input

CMYK printing is the mainstream in commercial printing, but illustrators create digital art in RGB due to color reproduction issues. When converting from RGB to CMYK, colors tend to sink or become dull, which is why most commonly sold goods have poor color reproduction. Embroidery art supports RGB input, so the illustrator's ideal coloring is perfectly reproduced.


The embroidery area depends on the world view.

In embroidery art, there are no rules such as always embroidering the eyes. We design the most suitable embroidery (needle movement amount) based on the worldview of each work and the illustrator's style. The threads used are carefully designed not only in color, but also in material and luster, and are manufactured as physical art that perfectly harmonizes with digital art.


The frame is also original

The most suitable frame for embroidery art is selected by a professional framer from among a huge number of combinations, depending on the nature of the work and the event in which it will be used. It will be delivered with a warranty card signed by the artist.


Please feel free to contact us for production requests or consultations.

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