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Artist of Month  - July

東京iW rucaco (1)_edited.jpg

Artist of Month Part 2

2023 715th of the month

Newly drawn new work announced
Limited orders for original reproductions, etc.

​This is an online-only event.

 "rucaco" - Innovator of beautiful girl illustrations

The world of art is constantly changing and evolving. Among them, we would like to introduce illustrator rucaco/Rukako, whose cutting-edge beautiful girl illustrations move our hearts.

Rucaco is known for his unique illustrations featuring beautiful girls. The beautiful girl characters she draws with cat ears and silver hair are vividly depicted as unique beings with deep emotions.

The field of beautiful girl illustrations and "Moe" art is a field where trends change rapidly, and Rucaco has made a name for herself as an illustrator who is at the forefront of this field. By providing a new form of beauty, her work attracts and inspires many people.

Furthermore, her works bring out the charm of beautiful girls to the fullest through depictions that give a sense of movement and technical ability to express fluffy textures. Its completeness has been highly evaluated from a wide range of perspectives.

The beautiful girls drawn by Rucaco leave a strong impression on each viewer, forming her own unique worldview. The characters' vibrant facial expressions and poses demonstrate Rucaco's passion and creativity.

Ms. Rucaco's works are not only beautiful, but their cutting-edge beautiful girl designs move the hearts of the viewers and give them a deep impression. Why not step into the world of this exquisite illustration of beautiful girls? Surprise and excitement await you that will not disappoint.

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Completely new work
An entirely original, newly created illustration

rucaco/Rukako-sensei production story

how to create your own work
Think about the main theme of the illustration and about three things related to the main theme, and incorporate them. I think the pose is the most important expression, so I spend a lot of time thinking about the pose. I like to use color combinations that I intuitively think are beautiful, so I don't create a color palette and always choose colors on the spot.I am. Rather than drawing based on calculations, I create works based on my own sense.

What is your source of inspiration?
I love beautiful girl figurines and collect a lot of them, so I'm always inspired by what poses, body twists, facial expressions, and lighting angles make them cute when viewed three-dimensionally. Approximately 1/4 of the drawing process is spent collecting materials, so that's when I get hooked on new genres and designs. I think that looking at illustrations that are circulating on SNS is a chance to get new insights while also being a feast for the eyes.

What do you want to convey through illustrations?
I want to be the first to convey the cuteness of the Kemomimikko I draw. Kemomi Mikko is half animal, so it's easy to understand her emotions through the movement of her ears and tail, and she has a fluffy soothing ingredient that naturally makes you want to love her. It makes me very happy to hear people notice that kind of expression and say, ``I fell in love with Kemomi Mikko because of your illustrations.''

rucaco_pickup illustration
rucaco_giclee autographed

A beautiful reproduction of the original painting
Enjoy your work

rucaco/Rukako's completely new work

We welcome you with a reproduction of the original painting with a handwritten signature.

Limited quantity orders start on July 15, 2023

Let's welcome the completely original work from Master Onineko in the form of a hand-signed art reproduction.Limited quantity orders begin in early June​13th 2023.


Reproduction original picture

The INTENSE series is the world's only giclee reproduction original painting whose quality has been certified by ILFORD in the UK. It is characterized by faithful color reproduction and overwhelming color development.

aurora art

A one-of-a-kind piece of art with holographic processing applied to the background and eyes of the illustration.


past works


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Quality certified by a third party
​The world's only original giclee reproduction


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