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​Original picture collection

Artist of Month  - June

The planned number of Onineko original drawings collection has been sold out.
We have sold out all of the scheduled items. Thank you very much.

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Artist of Month 1st edition

June 13, 2023

Newly drawn new work announced
Limited orders for original reproductions, etc.

​This is an online-only event.

Modern Mucha depicts the state of aesthetics

Onineko is an illustrator who captivates viewers with her worldview based on beautiful girls.

His works create a delicate and aesthetic world that leaves a deep impression on the viewer.

Onineko's works seem to bring back Art Nouveau from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. The beautiful girls he depicts have a beauty reminiscent of the women painted by Art Nouveau master Alphonse Mucha, but also emit a unique delicacy and charm.


Onineko Sensei's painting style is a fusion of naturalism and decorativeism, and is characterized by decorative designs with floral patterns and animal motifs. Additionally, flowing curves and "whiplash" lines add a sense of movement and life to the entire screen, providing a visual feast.


But more than just beauty, Onineko-sensei's works express deep emotions. Each character has their own story, and their eyes give a glimpse into their inner world.

Onineko's work is worthy of being called a modern-day Mucha due to its delicacy and aesthetic worldview. The emotion and beauty contained in the artist's works will leave a lasting impression on viewers, as they will deeply empathize and move them.

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Completely new work
An entirely original, newly created illustration

Onineko Sensei production story

Q.How do you create your own works?
I often create a rough sketch of the vague image that pops into my head, and then refine the composition. While following trends, I create my work while respecting my own individuality.

Q.What is your source of inspiration?
I sometimes think of illustrations based on things that move me, such as beautiful scenery I see while traveling, or photos of buildings and landscapes. I sometimes input things by looking at cute accessories, etc., and sometimes I draw scenes that come to mind while listening to songs.

Q.What do you want to convey through illustrations?
I aim to create illustrations that leave a lasting impression at first glance. I want to be able to draw things that make people feel a variety of emotions when they see them.

Q.What is the theme of your current work and what are the thoughts behind it?

I drew this with the theme of my favorite season, the beginning of summer. I also like summer dusk, so I'm imagining it when the sun is just starting to set. In order to make Emori Mirai's blue hair stand out, and also to reflect the feeling that it was her first time participating, I chose white as the main color for her costume and flowers. I was very nervous while making it, but I had fun drawing it...!

Onineko Giclee_Signed

A beautiful reproduction of the original painting
Enjoy your work

A completely new work by Onineko Sensei.

We welcome you with a reproduction of the original painting with a handwritten signature.

Limited quantity orders start on June 13, 2023

Let's welcome the completely original work from Master Onineko in the form of a hand-signed art reproduction.Limited quantity orders begin in early June​13th 2023.


Reproduction original picture

The INTENSE series is the world's only giclee reproduction original painting whose quality has been certified by ILFORD in the UK. It is characterized by faithful color reproduction and overwhelming color development.

aurora art

A one-of-a-kind piece of art with holographic processing applied to the background and eyes of the illustration.

embroidery art

A supreme work of art that reproduces the original painting by the hands of an embroidery craftsman.


The ultimate 2.5-dimensional art work that prints line drawings and decorations in accordance with digital art in three dimensions, giving it a texture similar to oil painting.



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