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solid graph


It looks like I've seen it somewhere, but no one has ever seen it

Bringing digital images closer to the real world. To achieve this, we thought it was necessary to reproduce the brushstrokes of a tablet pen used in digital artwork. We have created ``Solid Graph,'' a completely new advanced technology that analyzes digital brushstrokes and reproduces them three-dimensionally, reproducing the texture of an oil painting.

​This is already an oil painting.

People who have actually seen Solid Graph, even from a close distance, will 100% say that it is an oil painting. Based on the scanning technology used for museum replicas of Van Gogh and Rembrandt, X-ART precisely reproduces the strokes and irregularities of the brush strokes. We perform 2.5-dimensional printing with uneven surfaces.


Revolution of future printing technology AGFA

Realizing the ultimate printing technology. The solid graph is printed using a JETI MIRA 2732 HS LED from AGFA, a pioneer in imaging technology and IT solutions. This high-end UV printer sets the standard for the world in its pursuit of detailed beauty and unparalleled precision. There are only a few companies that use this high-end printer in the production of beautiful girl art goods, which often use low-cost manufacturing processes.
Image by Eric TERRADE

Revolution of future printing technology AGFA

Solid Graph makes full use of cutting-edge layer technology and printing know-how. This technique is carried out by craftsmen with a track record that has earned them requests from overseas museums that have carved their name in history to create reproductions of oil paintings. As a result, it has become possible to perfectly reproduce the details and textures of works of art, even though they are beautiful girl art. Perfect for those who pursue true beauty.

Please feel free to contact us for production requests or consultations.

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