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Our Philosophy

XART's Basic Beliefs and Values



About Us
XART is an innovator in the field of digital printing and tech art, known for combining the latest technology with traditional craftsmanship. Our fundamental philosophy is to create a place for illustrators to flourish , and all our activities and product developments are based on this philosophy.

We pursue modern expression of beautiful girl art, which has its roots in the paintings of beautiful women and ukiyo-e prints that have been popular since the early Edo period about 300 years ago, and provide a platform where illustrators can fully demonstrate their talents. We create high-end products using cutting-edge color management technology, nanotechnology, and biomimetics, while adding new value to digital art through collaborations with traditional Japanese crafts such as Kyoto fans and traditional embroidery, which boast a history of 1200 years.

This consistent effort aims to give physical value to digital data, guarantee fair compensation to illustrators and craftsmen, and build an environment where their dedication is properly recognized. XART products are manufactured in an ethical and responsible manner, and we maximize the talent and potential of illustrators by providing high-quality products that they can confidently recommend to their family and friends.

At XART, we continue to pursue quality and ethics, and are committed to pioneering the future of art and technology and creating a platform where illustrators can thrive all over the world.


Elevating Standards

"Raising the standard of value" pricing philosophy

XART's goal is clear. We aim to provide the world's best illustration products and develop products that you can confidently recommend to your family and friends. We are always striving to offer them at the most affordable prices while maintaining the quality.

Unfortunately, there are products in the industry that you would not want to recommend to your family or friends. However, XART will not provide such low-quality products. We are committed to maintaining a certain level of quality and strive every day to provide the high-quality products that many customers desire.

In terms of price, if you make a product comparable to XART's quality, it may be more expensive than our products, taking into account the costs of research and development and manufacturing processes, as well as differences in beliefs about profits. XART promises its customers that it will invest all of its profits in creating a place for illustrators, and in fact, it has returned more than 100 million yen to illustrators over the past three years.

Our efficient production system and unique technical capabilities built up over many years are the main factors that allow us to achieve high quality at reasonable prices. Since there are no low-quality categories in XART's product lineup, we are confident that our overall price range is reasonable compared to our competitors. This point has been highly praised by many customers.

Fair Trade

Fair compensation and fair dealings

XART is committed to creating a place for illustrators to flourish by manufacturing beautiful girl illustration goods and pursuing the idea of "slow items." By throwing a stone into the ephemeral consumer culture and providing products that are sustainable and have intrinsic value, we aim to realize the sustainable development of illustrators and deep consideration for the environment.

Modern society's fast item culture, with its pursuit of instant gratification, mass production, and cutting manufacturing costs beyond limits, has led to increased environmental burdens, declines in quality, and loss of creativity. This short-sighted consumption cycle, along with the dilution of the value of illustration products, has serious cultural, environmental, and social impacts. XART is clearly opposed to this irresponsible industry standard (fast items), and shows a strong will to reject the current situation of declining quality, lack of durability, and disregard for ethical production.

"Slow Items" is not just a brand image, but a testament to practice and dedication. At XART, each product is made with carefully selected high-quality materials, skilled craftsmanship, and environmental considerations. Furthermore, we actively encourage our illustrators to fully utilize their talents and grow sustainably.

Our promise goes beyond profit-making to genuine support for illustrators and their work. We adhere to the principles of ethical production, fair manufacturing costs, industry-leading illustration production fees, and respect for the rights of not only our own but also related artisans and workers. Choosing XART products goes beyond mere consumption; it means the realization of illustrators' dreams and an active contribution to a sustainable consumer culture.

XART is more than just a brand, it has a mission to expand the opportunities for illustrators through beautiful girl illustration goods and provide high-quality, ethically produced art to the world.

By providing high-quality, durable products through ethical production, we aim to build a better consumer culture and brighten the future of illustrators. We are encouraged by the positive support of those who agree with us. Let's take on this challenge together.





  1. Challenging the limits: We always strive for the limits and use uncompromising materials and techniques.

  2. Dedication to beautiful girl art: We pursue the possibilities of beautiful girl art and express it in the best way possible.

  3. Creating a space for creators to thrive: We value the talent and passion of creators and provide a space where they can fully express their art.

  4. Technological Innovation: We utilize cutting-edge nanotechnology and patented technologies to create amazing products.

  5. Pursuit of quality: We constantly strive to improve quality and provide the highest quality products.

  6. Respect for individuality: We respect our customers and creators, who have strong personalities, and provide products that reflect their individuality.

  7. Trust and Integrity: We promise to treat all customers, business partners, and creators with honesty and fairness.

  8. Sustainability: We ensure environmentally friendly and sustainable manufacturing processes.

  9. Innovation: We go beyond existing boundaries and constantly pursue new artistic expressions.

  10. Our promise to you: Your satisfaction is our number one priority and we will provide you with the highest level of service and support.

  11. Grow with creators: We evolve with creators and provide a platform that supports their growth.

  12. Constant Evolution: We are committed to being a growing brand, constantly expanding our technical and artistic horizons.

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