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Giclee original reproduction "INTENSE"

The ultimate subtraction. There is no magic.

Born from a pure pursuit of rich color expression and faithful reproduction of the original artwork, INTENSE embodies the strength of art and attention to detail. By adding nothing, we reproduce the original colors in their pure form without compromising the illustrator's creative intent. This delicacy is achieved by the combination of 184 quadrillion colors made possible by INTENSE's technology. We also provide a 60-year lightfastness guarantee (200 years in the dark), ensuring the permanence of the artwork.

X-ART is proud to declare that it is an ILFORD Imaging Europe GmbH certified laboratory. Anyone can use the word "beautiful," but only INTENSE has the precise technology and profound knowledge of fine art printing and has been rigorously certified by a third party. Our promise is to continue to provide the highest quality artistic expression.


Contemporary Ukiyo-e


Tradition colors modern beauty. Cutting-edge digital printing technology and 1500 years of Echizen washi paper craftsmanship create a completely new ukiyo-e. Handmade Echizen washi paper is given new life by the hands of a beautiful illustrator.


Solid Graph - 2.5 Dimensional Printing -

Digital art into oil painting.

Although SolidGraph is not a printing technique that can be applied to all digital art, its combination with thick painting is unmatched, recreating the depth and texture of a physical oil painting at first glance. We carefully analyze each illustration data submitted by the illustrator, and manually divide the layers of the 3D data based on the characteristics of the brushstrokes. This meticulous work is carried out by craftsmen who create detailed exhibition replicas of masterpieces at the request of world-renowned art museums.

SolidGraph is a printing technology born from the pursuit of an artistic appreciation experience. It is produced by professional oil painters who utilize techniques for reproducing masterpieces, and each piece is carefully finished with great attention to detail. It is a unique form of artistic expression that combines modern digital art with classical oil painting techniques.




Our embroidery art is a unique combination of digital illustration and traditional embroidery techniques. At its core are vibrant digital illustrations printed in an RGB color palette, preserving their rich color and detail, while intricate embroidery adds extra depth and texture.

The price of the product varies depending on the number of stitches used for the embroidery, which reflects the time and effort spent on each piece, as well as its artistic value. The choice of embroidery thread and how and where to embroider are guided by a specialized director who is well versed in the fields of beautiful girl illustrations and digital art. This allows you to pursue the most suitable expression for your illustration.

There is also a choice of base printing materials. The director will choose the most suitable one from multiple materials such as canvas and felt. This will bring out the essence of the illustration to the fullest.

Our embroidery is meticulously handcrafted by artisans in Takamatsu City. Their skill and meticulous work make this unique fusion of digital and traditional art possible. Each piece of embroidery art takes countless hours and efforts to reach you, making each one a one-of-a-kind work of art made with love.

Unique products

We are a D2C group that breathes new life into the world of beautiful girl art. We work with many illustrators to create innovative products based on their rich creativity. Our philosophy is not just to provide products, but to create a space where creators can express themselves and spread their talents to the world.

We will create a new landscape for beautiful girls art by manufacturing these unique products ourselves and selling them directly to customers. By directly connecting creators and customers, we will maximize the potential of art and provide a stage where each and every creator can shine. That is the future we are aiming for, and that is our philosophy.

We plan and produce for corporations. Please feel free to contact us.



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