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RGB poster
XART Crystal RGB Mural

My mockup 214 from Printing Mockup Set.jpg

Color without dullness, never-ending beauty.

Printed on a color proofing machine used for severe proof printing.

This is an unusual poster.

Beauty redefined, XART CrystalRGB Mural brings a new dimension to your space. Deep and vivid colors decorate the walls, going beyond our common sense of beauty. This revolutionary technology for RGB input breaks the limitations of traditional CMYK. Colors that are faithful to the original image data without dullness are as realistic as the original image data viewed on a high-resolution monitor.


This poster is printed on the same printer as the giclée/reproduction original. This printer is a special model used for commercial printing proofing and package proofing in the commercial printing and publishing field. For this printing, we are generously using special machines that are rarely used for actual printing due to cost issues.


With over 180 quintillion color combinations, it boasts an incredible coverage rate of 99% on the PANTONE® color chart. And its beauty lasts a long time. Even after a long time, its color will not fade.


Bring the excitement of beautiful art into your daily life with XART CrystalRGB Mural, which has overwhelming durability and faithful color reproduction.


The core of beauty, beyond the boundaries of transparency.

Here is poster art with ultimate color reproducibility, explored by XART.


A revolution in RGB input.

Coloring without dullness that goes beyond the common sense of CMYK. A representation faithful to the data is right in front of your eyes.


Unconventional coloring

Over 180 quintillion color combinations.
PANTONE® 99% coverage rate.


Unprecedented durability

The color does not fade even under indoor UV light.
Overwhelming light resistance
With sex, beauty lasts a long time.


Author certification

XART CrystalRGB Mural precisely prints a digital signature drawn on an LCD tablet by the artist as proof of printing authentication. This approach, which differs from typical hand-signed signatures, ensures the originality and consistency of each piece. What appeals to us is the clear reproducibility of every detail that hand-written signatures don't have, and the consistency that allows us to obtain the same quality signature over and over again. This increases trust in the work and further increases the value of the art. Please enjoy signs as a new art form brought about by digital technology.

XART Crystal RGB Mural

​8,000 yen (tax included)·free shipping)


Please feel free to contact us for production requests or consultations.

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