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Beautiful girl illustration professional giclee reproduction original painting

It is the only one in the world whose beauty has been certified by a third-party organization.


2022 / Tokyo Anime Center in DNP PLAZA SHIBUYA

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Professional giclee printing specializing in beautiful girl illustrations
The vividness and freshness of beautiful girl illustrations delivered to you

We are giclee printing professionals specializing in beautiful girl illustrations. For six years, we have been dealing only in modern beautiful girl illustrations drawn in RGB color. During that time, we have delivered more than 10,000 giclee reproductions to our customers.

We have 210,000 followers on Twitter and have collaborated with over 100 popular illustrators to successfully hold solo exhibitions, autograph sessions, and events. We are D2C practitioners who handle all processes from discovering new illustrators, directing the illustrations, optimal printing, selecting beautiful frames, and finally selling to customers.

Join us as we delve deeper into the world of beautiful girl illustrations. A unique worldview woven with delicate and colorful illustrations. Bring it to your hands with the highest quality giclee printing. Bring color and excitement to your daily life. Let's embark on a journey together into a new world of art created by the fusion of beautiful girl illustrations and our technology.

Beauty recognized by a third-party organization

X ART's INTENSE series is the only giclee reproduction original painting certified by a third party in the world. If you just want to print beautiful girl art in high resolution, you can do it with a home inkjet printer, but it is different from a genuine giclee reproduction original painting. We faithfully reproduce the color profile of each of the many different illustrators and print it on carefully selected, top-quality 100% cotton acid-free paper where beautiful girl art shines the most. Only when strict edition management, quality control, autograph by the artist, and authenticity guarantee are in place can it be called a giclee reproduction original painting, not a "color print". In addition, we feature RGB printing, 184 quadrillion color reproduction, printing technology that suppresses graininess to the utmost, and amazing color development that seems to be painted with acrylic paint.

These outstanding knowledge and printing techniques have been certified as a certified laboratory by ILFORD Imaging Europe GmbH. X ART is the only company in the world that has received this certification for printing giclee reproductions.


The Importance of RGB Printing

The majority of print jobs are done in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) for the following reasons:

  1. Physical color representation: RGB (Red, Green, Blue) is a type of additive color mixture using luminescent pigments, which means that colors are expressed using the three primary colors of light. In other words, it is mainly used in devices that generate light, such as monitors, televisions, and digital cameras. In contrast, CMYK is a type of subtractive color mixture, which means that colors are expressed using physical paints and inks. In other words, it is used in printing on media that reflect light, such as paper and fabric.

  2. Color range (gamma): The color gamma of CMYK is smaller than that of RGB. This means that the range of colors that can be expressed by RGB cannot be fully reproduced by CMYK. This is because the physical properties of the light colors produced by digital devices and the colors reflected by ink printed on paper are different. Therefore, color adjustments and conversions are required when printing digital illustrations or photographs.

  3. Cost: CMYK printing has a higher technological maturity and infrastructure than RGB printing. Also, CMYK inks have a lower production cost than RGB inks. Therefore, CMYK is mainly used for mass production and general printing.

​XART's INTENSE is RGB printing, which reproduces the exact colors that an illustrator imagines on an LCD tablet or LCD monitor.

A wide variety of surfaces

XART handles over 40 types of professional paper used in photo exhibitions and museums. If low-cost surface types are included, the number exceeds 100. There are differences mainly in gloss, material, luster, embossing, thickness (weight), and coating agent, and we will suggest the most suitable surface type depending on the work and purpose, from metal materials such as aluminum alloys to handmade Echizen washi paper.

Many people think that everything is the same, but even if the same pigment ink is used, there can be big differences in color development, contrast, and the color itself depending on the whiteness, material, surface shape, and coating.

However, you don't need to have such knowledge. All you have to do is provide your work. Our professionals will suggest the best paper for you.




X ARTでは、お客様のあらゆる要望と作品の性質に応じたフレーム提供を心掛けています。我々はあらゆる種類のフレームを扱っており、その一例として世界の写真展で注目を集めるマウント加工もおこなっています。このマウント加工は、作品と一体化した枠を作ることで、作品自体の見た目をより美しく、またその保護も同時に実現します。アートピースの一部となるこのフレームは、例えばモノクロ写真にはスタイリッシュな黒のマットを組み合わせることで、作品の重厚感と深みを引き立てます。


X ARTは、あなたの作品を最高に映すフレーム選びをサポートします。私たちはフレーム選びをただの「枠組み作り」だとは思っていません。それは作品を最大限に活かし、あなたの表現を一層豊かにするための重要なパートナーシップです。

For Illustrators and Businesses
Giclee Printing A4 Size Price List
ILFORD Certification
  • Prices are just examples. Volume discounts are available.

  • You can choose a moth-eye type non-reflective acrylic top and freely order the frame size. Please contact us.

X ART Giclee Reproduction Original Art
Features of "INTENSE"

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What is 'Giclee printing'?

So what exactly is Giclee Printing? "Giclee Printing" is a sophisticated printing technique known for its ability to capture the fine details and rich colors of the original artwork. It's time to uncover the magic of the fascinating "Giclee Printing". Click here to explore the depths of beauty and gain a deeper understanding of the beauty of this art!


Extreme Art Products "X ART"

Welcome to X ART. We specialize in Giclee reproductions of beautiful girl art. In order to capture the beauty of the world and bring its vividness to you, we insist on RGB printing and achieve 60 years of light resistance. We believe that beauty is determined by objective evaluation, not subjectivity.

Our studio has been designated as an "accredited laboratory" by ILFORD Imaging Europe GmbH, a British company. There are only five laboratories in Japan that have the high level of technology and knowledge required by ILFORD, and we are the only one of them that produces giclee reproductions of original artworks.

What we provide you is not just a reproduction of the original painting, but a world-renowned Giclee reproduction of the original painting that meets strict quality standards. Step into the world of beautiful girl art through our reproductions. X ART will take your horizons to a new dimension.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions about giclee reproductions.
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