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Beautiful girl illustration specialty
original giclee reproduction

It is the only product in the world whose beauty has been certified by a third-party organization.


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Specializing in beautiful girl illustrations
Giclee printing professional

Bringing the vividness and freshness of beautiful girl illustrations to you

We are professionals in giclee printing specializing in beautiful girl illustrations. For the last 6 years, we have only been dealing with modern beautiful girl illustrations drawn in RGB colors. During that time, we have delivered over 10,000 original giclee reproductions to our customers.

We have 210,000 followers on Twitter and have worked with over 100 popular illustrators to create successful solo exhibitions, autograph sessions, and events. We are a D2C practitioner who handles the entire process, starting from discovering new illustrators, illustrating direction, optimal printing, selecting beautiful frames, and finally selling to customers.

Would you like to deeply explore the world of beautiful girl illustrations with us? A unique worldview created by delicate and colorful illustrations. Now it's in your hands with the highest quality giclee printing. We bring color and excitement to your daily life. Let's journey together to a new world of art created by the fusion of beautiful girl illustrations and our technology.

Beauty recognized by a third-party organization

X ART's INTENSE series is the world's only original Giclee reproduction certified by a third party. If you just want to print beautiful girl art in high definition, you can use a home inkjet printer, but it is different from a real giclee reproduction original. We faithfully reproduce the color profiles of a wide variety of illustrators and print on carefully selected, top-grade 100% cotton acid-free paper, where beautiful girl art shines the brightest. Only when strict edition control, quality control, the artist's handwritten signature, and authenticity guarantee are in place, can the work be called a giclee reproduction original rather than a "color print." Furthermore, our products feature RGB printing, color reproduction of 184 quintillion colors, printing technology that minimizes graininess, and amazing colors that look like they were painted with acrylic paint.

This outstanding knowledge and printing technology has earned us the certification of an accredited laboratory from ILFORD (ILFORD Imaging Europe GmbH). X ART is the only company in the world that has received this certification for printing original giclee reproductions.


The importance of RGB printing

The main reason why most printed materials are done in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) is as follows.

  1. Physical color expression: RGB (red, green, blue) is a type of additive color mixture using luminescent pigments, which expresses colors using the three primary colors of light. That is, it is mainly used in devices that produce light, such as monitors, televisions, and digital cameras. On the other hand, CMYK is a type of subtractive color mixing that uses physical paints, inks, etc. to express colors. That is, it is used in media that reflect light, i.e. printed materials such as paper and cloth.

  2. Color range (gamma): The color gamma of CMYK is smaller than that of RGB. In other words, the range of colors that can be expressed with RGB cannot be fully reproduced with CMYK. This is because the color of light produced by a digital device is physically different from the color reflected from ink printed on paper. Therefore, when printing digital illustrations and photographs, color adjustment and conversion are necessary.

  3. Cost: CMYK printing is more technologically mature and has a better infrastructure than RGB printing. Also, CMYK ink is cheaper to produce than RGB ink. Therefore, CMYK is mainly used for mass production and general printed matter.

​XART INTENSE is RGB printing. This allows the colors to be reproduced exactly as the illustrator imagined them on an LCD tablet or LCD monitor.

Rich variety of masks

XART handles over 40 types of professional paper used in photo exhibitions and museums. There are over 100 types including low-cost types. There are mainly differences in gloss, material, raster, embossing, thickness (basis weight), and coating agent, and we also propose the optimal surface type depending on the work and purpose, from metal materials such as aluminum alloy to handmade Echizen washi paper.

Isn't everything the same? Many people think this, but due to differences in whiteness, material, surface shape, and coating, there can be large differences in color development, contrast, and color itself even when using the same pigment ink.

However, such knowledge is not necessary. You just provide the work. ​Please rest assured that our professionals will suggest the most suitable paper.



​Cutting-edge frame

At X ART, we strive to provide frames that meet all of our customers' requests and the nature of their work. We handle all kinds of frames, and one example is the mounting process that attracts attention at photo exhibitions around the world. By creating a frame that is integrated with the work, this mounting process not only makes the work itself look more beautiful, but also protects it. This frame becomes part of an art piece, and by combining it with a stylish black mat for monochrome photographs, for example, it brings out the solidity and depth of the work.

Additionally, we can manufacture fully custom-made frames using materials such as aluminum or cypress, depending on the individual needs of our customers. Due to its light weight and durability, aluminum frames are ideal for large works or works that require long-term preservation. On the other hand, the cypress wood frame has a unique scent and texture that adds a Japanese flavor to the work, providing a rich experience that appeals not only to the sense of sight but also to the sense of smell. For example, for landscape paintings or Japanese-style works, a cypress wood frame will enhance the atmosphere of the work.

X ART supports you in choosing the frame that best reflects your work. We do not think of frame selection as just "creating a framework." It is an important partnership that allows you to make the most of your work and further enrich your expression.

For illustrators and corporations
​giclee printingA4 size​Pricetable
ILFORD certification
giclée set
  • The price is just an example. Volume discounts available.

  • ​You can choose the moth-eye type non-reflective acrylic top and freely order the frame size. Please contact us.

X ART giclee reproduction original painting
Features of "INTENSE"

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What is 'Giclee printing'? 

What exactly is giclée printing? Giclee printing is a sophisticated printing technique known for its ability to capture the finest details and rich colors of original artwork. The time has come to discover the charm of giclée printing. Click here to explore the abyss of beauty and better understand the beauty of this art!


Extreme Art Products “X ART” 

Welcome to X ART. We specialize in original giclee reproductions of beautiful girl art. In order to capture the beauty of the world and bring its vibrancy to you, we are particular about RGB printing, achieving 60 years of light resistance. We believe that beauty is determined by objective evaluation, not subjectivity.

Our studio is designated as a "certified laboratory" by ILFORD (ILFORD Imaging Europe GmbH), a British company. There are only five laboratories in Japan that have the high level of technology and knowledge that ILFORD requires, and we are the only one that manufactures original giclee reproductions.

What we offer you is not just an original reproduction, but a world-recognized giclee reproduction original that meets strict quality standards. Step into the world of beautiful girl art through our original reproductions. X ART takes your perspective to a new dimension.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding original giclee reproductions.
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