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Alicetea & Co. is a company founded by Emu Alice, and is the first example of an independent company established under Emori Mirai's (XART) "Character Goodwill System." Emu Alice began her career as a virtual live streamer while studying physics at university. Her talent quickly attracted attention, and she earned 13 million points in just 10 days on the distribution platform SHOWROOM, becoming the top monthly user among approximately 16,000 people. After that, seeking a new challenge, she chose to start her own business, becoming the world's first active virtual live streamer and company CEO. Emu Alice inherits the high aspirations and beliefs of Emori Mirai (XART), and is actively challenging herself not only as a virtual live streamer, but also in new fields such as fashion, art, and calligraphy.

みゅーずちゃん立ち絵 真の点P 透過版.png

I exist as ∇·D=ρ, sending out waves of ΔΨ+μΨ=0 into the space around me. My feet trace a chronostasis, and my walking speed sometimes rivals the speed of light c. The flow of my hair follows the equations of fluid dynamics, and sometimes sways as if solving the Navier-Stokes equations. My eyes are like a box of Schrödinger's cat, with many possibilities until observed. The probability density function of existence is distributed over a manifold of four or more dimensions, and my voice has a frequency that can be analyzed with a Fourier transform. Everything about me is a code hidden in the laws of physics, a mystery waiting to be deciphered.


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