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What is giclée/original reproduction?

​About digital art reproduction techniques

original giclee reproductionWhat is

A giclée reproduction generally refers to a type of high-resolution digital print. Its name is derived from the French word 'gicler', meaning 'jet' or 'spewing'. This refers to the method by which ink is squirted onto a medium such as canvas or paper. The technique of giclée reproduction produces colorful works with faithful reproduction of every detail. As a result, artists and museums often use giclée reproductions to recreate the original artwork without losing its detail and texture.

​​Differences between Giclee, Lithograph, and Silk Screen Printing

First, we will explain the characteristics of each printing technology. Giclée is a high-definition digital printing technology, lithography is a traditional method in which artists draw directly onto stone slabs, and silkscreen is a printing method that uses stencils.


About giclee prints

Ji-Clay printing is a type of digital printing that allows for high-quality reproductions of works of art. The digitized image is printed on high-quality paper or canvas using a specialized inkjet printer. As a result, it is possible to precisely reproduce the original work. Strict edition control (number of productions) and the artist's handwritten signature make it as rare as physical art (hand-drawn pictures).XART's giclée product "INTENSE" series can reproduce 184 quintillion colors with 11 colors of ink. We have achieved a coverage rate of 99% in the PANTONE® color chart, which is an international standard designated color.A logical color conversion system provides finer gradation expression, reduced light source dependence (color inconstancy), reduced graininess, excellent color reproducibility, and maintains accurate color balance.

About lithographs

Lithographs, on the other hand, are based on stone printing techniques developed in the 19th century. The artist paints directly onto the slate or metal plate, preserving the texture of the original work. Produced as a limited edition, the work usually bears the author's signature and a number indicating the number of copies printed. There is also a technique called color lithography (chromolithography), but it requires a stone plate for each color.,Because the color space is based on the four colors of CMYKIt is drawn in RGB like beautiful girl art, and is not suitable for high-definition and richly colored works.

About silk screen printing

Finally, silkscreen printing is a printing technique that uses stencils (cutout patterns). The ink is pushed through the stencil onto the fabric or paper, coloring it one section at a time. This makes it possible to create works with vivid and unique textures. It is often used for T-shirt printing with logos and illustrations that have a relatively small number of colors.

Due to its characteristics, it is extremely difficult to reproduce high-definition, colorful illustrations like beautiful girl art using lithographs or silkscreens. Lithographs are not practical because the production of color-coded masters is enormous and expensive. In silkscreening, the halftone dots in the film through which the ink passes are noticeable, resulting in a finish that is inferior to that produced by home printers.

However, giclée prints can provide ultra-high definition, high-quality reproductions at a realistic cost. Even with an inkjet printer, in order to faithfully reproduce the original image, you will need professional color management skills, a professional RGB printer, and high-color printing paper.

For the above reasons,Giclee printing is the best choice for modern beautiful girl art., lithographs and silkscreens are not suitable for reproducing digital art. The degree of reproducibility is low and cannot be called realistic. The value of printing technology depends on whether it can faithfully reproduce the original painting. Giclee printing is overwhelmingly superior in terms of reproduction of the original image and graininess.

Original pictureandprintofNameabout

typified by the lithograph mentioned above.printis an art form that creates multiple copies from an original created using techniques such as engraving or etching. The master plate is usually made from a material such as wood, metal, stone, or linoleum, and a design is carved or etched into it. Ink is then applied to the master plate and pressed onto paper or other suitable material to print. repeating this processIt is possible to produce many copies of the same design.

The main characteristic of a print is that it allows for multiple reproductions, but each reproduction is not exactly identical. Subtle changes during the creation process, such as the engraving or etching process, the application of ink, or the strength of the stamp, can cause each reproduction to have its own unique characteristics.

Printmaking has traditionally been a way for artists to widely distribute their work. It allows us to offer works of art at a price range that many people can afford, compared to some expensive original pieces.


Using some traditional printmaking techniques, it is almost impossible to reproduce digital art with complex gradations, a huge number of colors, and stepless gradations, such as beautiful girl illustrations, in prints.This is because traditional printmaking techniques such as woodblock printing, linoleum printing, and etching can limit the reproduction of detail and color range.

However, on the other hand, we offer giclée reproductions.Original pictureBy using digital printmaking technology called ``, it is possible to faithfully reproduce complex and colorful artwork such as beautiful girl illustrations. Original giclée reproductions use state-of-the-art color management to capture detailed information from the original artwork and print it onto paper or canvas using high-definition commercial inkjet printers. This process allows us to recreate the fine details and depth of color of the original artwork with incredible precision.

Therefore, it is virtually impossible to reproduce complex artwork such as beautiful girl illustrations in print, but faithful reproduction is possible using the latest digital print technology such as giclee original reproductions. I can say that.

I have heard that there are some companies that give mysterious value to their products by naming them "prints" even though they are actually giclée (inkjet) printing, but at XART,We intentionally avoid using the term "prints" to avoid misleading our customers.

Although giclée reproductions can also be considered a type of print, giclée uses digital printing technology, so there are some differences from traditional printmaking techniques. A giclée reproduction takes digital information from the original artwork and uses it to create a reproduction. This allows for extremely high reproducibility and fine detail.

Original giclee reproduction of beautiful girl art

Original giclee reproduction of our beautiful girl artis the culmination of beautiful girl art and digital printing technology. Bishoujo art is a Japanese art culture that depicts beautiful girls and women, embodying their unique charm and emotion. We use high-quality original giclee reproductions to faithfully reproduce the beautiful girl art on paper or canvas. Giclee reproductions surpass other printing techniques in terms of depth of color, fineness of detail, and reproduction of texture.

Our products bring out the charm of the original work to the fullest. Transparent colors, precise details, and emotion conveyed through the screen. Our giclee reproductions accurately reproduce all of these.

Giclee in digital artReproduction original picturedefinition of

There are no set standards for defining giclée in digital art, but we define it as follows.

  1. Must be RGB printing, not CMYK.

  2. Use color management technology to faithfully reproduce the colors of the original painting.

  3. Be supervised by the writer.

  4. Perform strict edition management (production number management).

  5. Conduct strict quality control.

  6. Must be autographed by the artist.

​In addition to the above, we include a serial numbered certificate from a third party company, ILFORD.

giclee reproductionOriginal pictureBenefits of

The biggest advantage of giclee reproductions is that they can reproduce the colors and textures of the original with amazing fidelity. Therefore, for beautiful girl art lovers and those who want to enjoy beautiful art at home or office, giclee reproduction original paintings are the best choice.

In addition, original giclee reproductions have the property of not fading over a long period of time. This is made possible through the use of archival pigmented inks and paper, allowing the work to be viewed over a long period of time.XART's original giclee reproductions are guaranteed to have a lightfastness of 60 years (200 years when stored in the dark).


Giclee reproductions of beautiful girl art are the best option to bring out the charm of beautiful girl art to the fullest and faithfully reproduce its beauty. When it comes to depth of color, precision of detail, and emotional reproduction, giclée reproductions surpass all other printing techniques. For those who want to enjoy beautiful art in their homes or offices, and for those who are drawn to the charm of beautiful girl art, we would like to encourage you to try our original giclee reproductions.

​XART's giclee reproduction original painting "INTENSE" series

X ART's INTENSE series is the world's only original Giclee reproduction certified by a third party. If you just want to print beautiful girl art in high definition, you can use a home inkjet printer, but it is different from a real giclee reproduction original. We faithfully reproduce the color profiles of a wide variety of illustrators and print on carefully selected, top-grade 100% cotton acid-free paper, where beautiful girl art shines the brightest. Only when strict edition control, quality control, the artist's handwritten signature, and authenticity guarantee are in place, can the work be called a giclee reproduction original rather than a "color print." Furthermore, our products feature RGB printing, color reproduction of 184 quintillion colors, printing technology that minimizes graininess, and amazing color reproduction that looks like it was painted with acrylic paint.

This outstanding knowledge and printing technology has earned us the certification of an accredited laboratory from ILFORD (ILFORD Imaging Europe GmbH). X ART is the only company in the world that has received this certification for printing original giclee reproductions.

ILFORD certification
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