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Artist of the Month - August


アーティストオブマンス 第三弾




Sexy and realism intertwine in the Renoir-esque world of illustrator Kompi Sensei

Komupi's excellent illustrations add a touch of glamour to Ogifuse Kishu's light novel "Kissing My Student. If I Get Caught, It's Over." The attractive young girls he draws are vividly and sexily depicted, further enhancing the story.

Kompi's works are beautiful and mysterious, drawing the viewer in. The paintings are characterized by high contrast and texture, creating a meticulous harmony between reality and fantasy, reminiscent of the French painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The texture of the clothing and underwear that cover parts of the skin, and their exquisite balance, create works that seem to revive Renoir's "life-filled colors" in the modern era.

The teacher's illustrations, which are a little sexy, for example, depict women in underwear, not only provide visual stimulation but also encourage the reader to reconsider human emotions, especially the transience of youth. Each of these depictions adds depth to the work and plays an important role in heightening the emotions. It is truly a world that only Komupi-sensei can create, where art and entertainment are fused together.

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Completely new work
An entirely original, newly created illustration


Q: How do you create your work?
Every time I draw, I always keep in mind, "How can I catch everyone's eye?" and "How can I make it stay in everyone's memory?"
Since I often have the opportunity to draw girls, I always make sure to input and output reference materials, in order to make their faces cuter and more balanced, and to improve the expression of sexiness that comes from the unevenness of their flesh and bones. I make full use of anything I can (reference materials, sketch figures, etc.).
By nature, if I feel that my drawing is even slightly off, I try to keep correcting it until I'm satisfied. I can keep doing it no matter how hard it is, just to experience the sense of accomplishment I get when I finally get it just right after repeatedly adding and erasing, adding and erasing.

Q: What is your source of inspiration?
Looking at illustrations and reading art books?
Also, this is a bit of a niche topic, but I really love wrinkles in clothes, and when I come across nice-looking wrinkles in clothes in everyday life, I can't help but want to draw them.

Q: What do you want to convey through your illustrations?
Since I usually draw my own original characters, I think I have a strong desire for more people to see the characters I draw.
This may sound a bit of an exaggeration, but I hope that when you see the characters I draw, they will leave a lasting impression on you.

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Enjoy the artwork through beautiful reproductions of the original artwork

A completely new work by Kompi Sensei

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