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Marce   MARSE

Original Art Collection

Artist of the Month – February

オリジナルイラスト画像4 マーセ.png

Artist of the Month No. 9

Event period
2/19 19:00 ~ 2/29 23:59

Announcement of new artwork and limited orders for reproductions of original artwork

This is an online-only event.


Illustrator "Marce"
The charm and depth of brushes

Marce's illustrations demonstrate a deep understanding of the human body and a unique insight into the expression of texture, and are notable for their skill in carefully drawing every last detail.
The detailed depiction of the work overwhelms the viewer. For example, the smooth movement of each individual strand of hair brings to mind the charm of the character in even greater detail. It brings an overwhelming sense of immersion into the world depicted in the illustration. Furthermore, the unique depiction and colors create a distinctive atmosphere in the illustration, making it a more appealing work.

Through these works, viewers will be able to experience the fascinating fusion of technology and artistry, and will be enthralled, as if transported to another beautiful world.


Completely new work
An entirely original, newly created illustration

Marce's production story

Q: How do you create your work?

Before I start drawing, I always gather materials.
I usually save illustrations that I find attractive from sites like X and Pinterest, which are full of illustrations. When I'm thinking about the composition of my work, I usually get ideas from there.

Also, the thing I keep in mind the most when drawing an illustration is deciding what I want to show. Rather than a general idea like "cuteness" or "vigorous pose," I set the parts I want to show with a specific image in mind, like "a big smile on my face" or "hair blowing wildly in the wind ." By doing so, the picture will communicate what the artist is trying to convey to the viewer.

Q : What is your source of inspiration?

 Before I got my current style, I was just copying the style of one illustrator. If you copy a lot of different styles, it's easy to end up half-hearted, so by focusing on one, I was able to clarify where I should aim.
I think the biggest way I've grown is by always thinking about how the other person would draw it, completing the illustration, and then comparing it with my own drawing to analyze what I'm lacking.
I think anime has had a big influence on me. I'm especially influenced by the facial expressions of the characters. Animators are really good at drawing different facial expressions, so I often use them as reference.

Q: What do you want to convey through your illustrations?
The part I want to convey changes depending on the character I draw. For fan fiction, I try to create a composition that makes the most prominent part of that character.
In the case of Isabella, I try to compose her so that her breasts are the most prominent feature. A technique I've been using recently is to draw the area around her breasts in detail to create a sense of density, and to draw the eye to her breasts.

Sign data.png
タイトル「支度するメイド」 マーセ.jpg
Standard product image_front.png

Enjoy the artwork through beautiful reproductions of the original artwork

A completely new work by Marce

Welcome your purchase with a hand-signed reproduction of the original artwork.

Limited quantity orders start from 19:00 on February 19, 2024

Let's welcome the completely original work of Master Shichiken Nana in the form of a hand-signed art reproduction. Limited quantity orders begin in early February.   19th 2024.


Giclee original reproduction

The INTENSE series is the only giclee reproduction of original paintings in the world whose quality has been certified by the British company ILFORD. It is characterized by faithful color reproduction and overwhelming color development.

Aurora Art

A unique piece of art with holographic processing applied to the background and eyes of the illustration.


Past works



Third-party certified quality
The only giclee reproduction of the original painting in the world


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