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Turn your work into high-quality goods. Illustrators can earn a new income by simply focusing on their art.


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XART FACTORY is a service that turns past artworks by illustrators into high-quality goods. All you have to do is provide the artwork data.

XART handles everything from online orders and sales, payments, customer support, and shipping, allowing illustrators to earn up to 30% of sales.

Service Features and Benefits

Product Introduction

XART is the only ILFORD certified laboratory in the world that has been certified by a third party for the high quality of its giclee reproductions. We use the finest museum-quality 100% cotton paper and print in RGB without CMYK conversion to faithfully reproduce the colors of the original.


Here are some typical commissions. Just provide your illustration data and you can earn up to 30% commission for each item sold. Since this is a made-to-order product, there is no minimum order. We will produce even a single item.

Please feel free to contact us about products not listed here.

Fujichoco (2).png

Giclee original reproduction A4


7,800 yen (tax included)

Transparent Aurora.png

Aurora Art A3


10,800 yen (tax included)


QX IllustBook


2,970 yen (tax included)





Upload your work data

Please upload your data in the manner specified by XART. All communication will be completed online. We will contact you only by the method that is most convenient for you, such as email, LINE, DM, Discord, etc.



XART FACTORYでは、ジークレー複製原画、浮世絵、オーロラアート、ジークレー画集など、XARTの豊富な製品ラインナップから選択が可能です。何が売れるのかよくわからない・・という方でもOK。経験豊富なディレクターが最適なご提案もいたします。




XART will introduce your work as an ArtistSpotlight on the XART official website and X. We manage all processes from online order sales to payment, customer support, and shipping in one place. Illustrators can earn new revenue by simply focusing on their art, without the hassle of sales and logistics. This has the advantage of saving time and effort and allowing them to focus on creative activities.


I was overwhelmed with gratitude to be able to produce such high quality goods without having to worry about stock since they are sold entirely on a made-to-order basis!
For me, who is not able to participate in events such as sales events very often, the opportunity to deliver goods to my fans was extremely valuable and I was very grateful.
I often use blues and purples in my illustrations, and I often find the colors fade when printed, which is disappointing, but X ART's products are vibrant and beautiful, and I'm really happy that I can deliver the original drawings to my fans.
It was also very helpful that I didn't have to worry about inventory management or sales, so I could concentrate solely on illustration!
- Snow Flowers



A1: XART FACTORY is a service that turns past artworks by illustrators into high-quality goods. XART handles everything from online ordering, payment, customer support, and shipping, and illustrators can earn up to 30% of sales.

Q2: What kind of merchandise do you offer?
A2: The goods we offer include giclee reproductions of original artworks, Aurora Art, Ima Dai Ukiyo-e, QX FRAME, and QX IllustBook.

Q3: What are the format requirements for my work data?
A3: You will need PNG or PSD files with a minimum size of A4 and 300 DPI. If you want to produce A3 size prints, you will need A3 size data. Please make sure to submit in RGB format , not CMYK.

Q4: How long does it take from order to shipment?
A4: Since this is made to order, we take orders in about 2 weeks to 1 month, and ship them out in about 2 weeks to a maximum of 2 months. If we receive a large number of orders, we will promptly inform you of the delivery date. The order period is a general rule, and can be increased or decreased depending on the illustrator's wishes.

Q5: How does customer support work?
A5: We accept inquiries by email 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and will respond within two business days.

Q6: How and when are commissions paid?
A6: Payment will be made at the end of the month and paid at the end of the following month via bank transfer to the designated account.

Q7: Can I return or cancel my order?
A7: As this is a made-to-order product, we do not accept returns or cancellations after the customer has purchased the product. However, if the product is defective or flawed, we will promptly exchange it.

Q8: What about ownership and copyright of work data?
A8: The copyright of the data provided by the illustrator is held by the illustrator. XART's role is to create the product at the request of the illustrator.

Q9: How do you decide the production costs and price range for goods?
A9: We will present the commission amount in advance after discussing the product lineup to be developed. Some products (e.g. embroidery art and solid graphs) require prototyping, which is expensive and takes time, so we need to discuss it in advance.

Q10:Is there any guarantee on quality?

A10: XART is an ILFORD certified lab. ILFORD is a global photographic equipment manufacturer originating in the UK, and is currently a global company based in Germany at ILFORD Imaging Europe GmbH. XART is the only lab in the world certified by ILFORD for its high level of technology and knowledge in giclee reproductions. There are many products that claim to be giclee reproductions, but XART is the only one whose high quality and technology has been recognized by an objective third-party organization.

XART FACTORYは現在試験運用中です。



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Thanks for submitting!



  1. 二次創作イラスト

  2. 過度に暴力的または残虐な表現を含むもの

  3. 当社、本サービスの他の利用者、またはその他の第三者の名誉や信用を毀損する表現を含むもの

  4. わいせつな表現を含むもの(R15以上は禁止)

  5. 差別を助長する表現を含むもの

  6. 自殺や自傷行為を助長する表現を含むもの

  7. 薬物の不適切な使用を助長する表現を含むもの

  8. 反社会的な表現を含むもの

  9. AI生成イラスト

  10. 他人に不快感を与える表現を含むもの

  11. ​その他当社が不適切だと判断したもの

Currently, this is a closed service, so we are limiting the illustrators who can use it.

  1. A commercial illustrator with experience producing corporate illustrations.

  2. Individuals who are sole proprietors or registered corporations .

  3. Those who meet our specified criteria.


My mockup 274 from Frame Mockup Pack.jpg
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