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Hara Kenshi   HARAKENSHI

Original Art Collection

Artist of the Month - June


Artist of the Month #13
Hara Kenshi

Event period
June 20th 19:00 ~ July 16th 23:59

Announcement of new artwork and limited orders for reproductions of original artwork

This is an online-only event.


The charm of the characters draws you into the depicted world

The characters drawn by Hara Kenshi are so attractive that you are drawn in at first sight, and their facial expressions in particular are warm and delicate. Each character's individuality is beautifully emphasized, and their inner thoughts are vividly expressed through their facial expressions and gestures.

Furthermore, Kenshi Hara's work has the power to immerse the viewer in the world of his work. The attention to detail in the backgrounds and composition makes you feel as if you are present in that world yourself. The accurate capture of the characteristics of objects and the three-dimensional depiction make the characters feel as if they are real.

Hara Kenshi's illustrations are sure to inspire and evoke empathy in viewers thanks to his unique style and high level of skill.


Completely new work
An entirely original, newly created illustration

Hara Kenshi's production story

Q: How do you create your work?


Q: What is your source of inspiration?


Q: What do you want to convey through your illustrations?


Hara Kenshi Sign.png
Standard product image_front.png

Enjoy the artwork through beautiful reproductions of the original artwork

A completely new work by Kenshi Hara

Welcome your purchase with a hand-signed reproduction of the original artwork.

June 20, 2024 19:00~

Limited quantity orders now available

Let's welcome the completely original work by Master HARAKENSHI in the form of a hand-signed art reproduction. Limited quantity orders will begin in early June 20th 2024.


Giclee original reproduction

The INTENSE series is the only giclee reproduction of original paintings in the world whose quality has been certified by the British company ILFORD. It is characterized by faithful color reproduction and overwhelming color development.

Metal Plate (Aerial)

An innovative work of art made with special high-definition printing on aviation aluminum composite material.

RGB Poster

It features beautiful, highly pigmented colors using giclee printing technology, and precise depiction of details despite its large size.


Past works


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